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"...All those who occupy, own, develop, or trade tangible and intangible assets in today’s fast moving, sophisticated world market, rely on competent and impartial valuation providers..."

Line of Business

Valuation is of critical importance to a private investor to make sound investment decisions and to public institutions particularly in policy implementation. Valuation of both Movable and Immovable Assets can be done for various purposes which include market value, sale, purchase, mortgage, auction, financial reporting, insurance, house allowance, rental assessment, stamp duty, rating, reversionary interest, taxation, way leaves & easements, compulsory acquisition and damage assessment.

These valuations can be broadly categorized into statutory and non statutory valuation. Statutory valuations are governed by legislation in which the Valuer is required to assume conditions laid under the law. Such valuations include Valuation for rating governed by The Valuation for Rating Act, Valuation for Compulsory Purchase governed by the Compulsory Acquisition Act etc. In undertaking such valuations the Valuer bases his calculations on conditions laid down by the law irrespective of what such conditions would obtain in real life situations in the property market.

Types of Valuations

With high quality training and in-depth market knowledge in all types of properties, the client can be assured of the firm’s ability in performing accurate and comprehensive valuation services based on local requirements as well as in accordance to international valuation practice.

The types of properties for valuation include but not limited to:

Commercial Properties - Office buildings, retail shopping centres/complexes

Industrial Properties - Large scale factories and warehouses and industrial estates

Agricultural Properties - Ranches, holding grounds, large farms and other agricultural related properties.

Commercial Properties - Office buildings, retail shopping centres/complexes

Special Properties - Hotels, national game reserves resorts, golf courses & country clubs, Marine & Wildlife, Petrol Stations, mining lands, ports, hospitals, Churches, Schools etc.

Leasehold Properties - Valuation of leasehold properties

Plant and Machinery - Large scale plants and high-tech factories including power plants, semi conductor plants, gypsum products factories, steel factories, sugar mills, textile factories, chemical plants, automobile plants etc

Infrastructural Assets e.g. water reticulation systems, roads, and other civil works.

Intangible Assets (intangible properties) IP- Nonphysical assets, including but not limited to equities, goodwill, securities, patents, licences, copyrights, and contracts as distinguished from physical assets such as facilities and equipment.

Other Properties include:

  • Livestock, Crops & Farms Works
  • Forests and other natural resources
  • Business Ventures/Going Concerns/Goodwill
  • Furniture, Fittings and Equipment
  • Shares & Stocks
  • Trade Stock
  • Antique

      Sec & M Co. Limited provides the following valuation services:

      • Due Diligence
      • Public Valuation Prospectuses
      • Corporate Management
      • Financial Restructuring
      • Mortgage Financing
      • Sales and Leasing
      • Purchase Advisory
      • Company Accounting
      • Financial Statements
      • Investment Advisory
      • Development Feasibility Studies
      • Mergers and Acquisitions
      • Liquidations and Receiverships

          Value-Added Services

            Apart from the normal valuation report, Sec & M Co. Limited will also provide the following advice to our clients if required:

          • Selling price of competitive development projects
          • Estimation of development costing and related expenses
          • Project design commentary
          • Product design commentary
          • Financial Cash Flow Study, if required
          • Valuation consultancy

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